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Next Gen Mumbai Cup Highlights: Manchester United Vs Chelsea

Next Gen Mumbai Cup Highlights: Manchester United Vs Chelsea

An English football classic kick-started the second day of the PL-ISL Next Generation Cup Mumbai 2020 with Chelsea FC U-14 squaring off against Manchester United FC U-14 at the Reliance Corporate Park Football Ground, Navi Mumbai here today. The Chelsea boys emerged 1-0 winners over their United counterparts, building on their win from the previous evening. The game began at a frenetic pace as the Young Blues quickly established a foothold and started dominating possession. Reiss Alexander-Denny, in particular, was hugely influential as he kept things ticking in midfield and kept orchestrating Chelsea’s offensive moves. Report -https://ift.tt/2w6EHXu #NextGenMumbai #IndianFootball #CHEMUN #PL Video- ISL Media Khel Now News - https://khelnow.com Khel Now Football Facebook Page- https://ift.tt/2P70xkF Khel Now Hindi- https://ift.tt/343ffNJ Khel Now World Football- https://ift.tt/2LC2KT3 Khel Now Kabaddi- https://ift.tt/353RLJF Twitter handle- https://twitter.com/KhelNow Instagram- https://ift.tt/2KBDWZV http://www.khelnow.com https://ift.tt/2UnkVOo

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